Weight Loss Surgery: Could It Be Right for You?

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A recent study found that people who undergo bariatric surgery to help them lose weight have a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes, which could help to prevent heart-related deaths. In this podcast, we're joined by experts from UW Medicine to learn more about these procedures, plus a patient shares her own experience of life after gastric bypass surgery.

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And imagine if you have a body mass index that is really going up there and you may be 100 or more pounds overweight, serious complications.  And you try weight loss programs, and unfortunately while you may bring your weight down it may go back up, and maybe you know you’ve tried that many times.  Where does bariatric surgery come into play?  We’re going to find out. 

First, I’d like to introduce you to someone who has gone down that road and benefitted.  That’s Kristine Hillyer.  Kristine is 53.  She’s retired now, but she used to be a longshoreman at the Port of Seattle, you know, where they’re moving those cranes around and all those shipments and certainly a lot of physical work.  But then she had problems with acid reflux, and it got to be quite severe and her activity became more limited.  And so then you found your weight ballooning, didn’t you, Kristine? 

Dr. Khandelwal, it must make you feel great to hear this story. 

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