The Latest Approaches for Melanoma Treatment

Andrew Schorr:

Well, what I would say to our listeners is if you were diagnosed with melanoma this is??all cancers are serious.  This is a major league cancer, if you will.  Certainly if there's a concern that it can't all be eradicated with very straightforward surgery, where there's a concern that it's spread in your body, then that's where you want to get to a research center such as UCSF where you can hear from Dr. Ortiz the level of study that's going on, the targeting that's going on. 


And also the important message here is clinical trials.  So if you're diagnosed with something where it's evolving, clinical trials??and it did for me, with my leukemia??may give you the opportunity, the access to, if you will, tomorrow's medicine today.  We don't always know, but it's something certainly to discuss. 


And Doctor, am I right that if someone is on a clinical trial and you find that that approach is not working for them you may well have another clinical trial that they could switch to? 


Dr. Susana Ortiz at UCSF, I want to thank you for being with us, helping us with a window into where melanoma treatment and research is headed.  And for our patients who are listening, again my recommendation, you want to connect with a specialist such as Dr. Ortiz and a team that works with her, not just in melanoma but bringing that knowledge from other cancers as well so that you get the treatment that's best for you. 


And for all of us, I know, Doctor, I'm going to my dermatologist every year religiously so hopefully I never get to the point of needing these therapies and that if something is spotted it can be dealt with at the earliest stage.  That's the best medicine, right? 


I'm Andrew Schorr.  Thanks to joining us.  Remember, knowledge can be the best medicine of all.


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