The Latest Approaches for Melanoma Treatment

Andrew Schorr:




What we do at UCSF is we try to sequence every single melanoma.  And when I say we try to is that sometimes we might sequence but not find the mutation or oncogene.  But what we currently do is if a patient comes to us, the first thing we get biopsy material that is sent to pathology to first get how deep, how bad is this melanoma.  Second, the DNA of this material is extracted and sent to our labs where we run a panel with the most common mutated oncogenes in melanoma.  If using this panel we don't get to find a mutation we have other tools in the lab that we use in order to discover the mutation.  These are the very first steps. 


And then once we know the mutation we have a multidisciplinary meeting with our oncologists and pathologists and decide, first of all, what kind of surgery needs the patient and in which trial the patient belongs given the mutation that has been discovered. 

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