The Latest Approaches for Melanoma Treatment

Andrew Schorr:

Hello and welcome to Patient Power sponsored by UCSF Medical Center.  I'm Andrew Schorr. 


When you think about skin cancer, and skin cancer is quite common, there are several types.  The scariest of all, quite frankly, is melanoma because melanoma can spread through the lymph system to many places in the body, and unfortunately when it spreads then it can be difficult to treat and can lead to death.  So obviously you want to be avoiding melanoma if you can, catching it early and having it surgically removed. 


But the other part that we're learning now is there are different subtypes of melanoma, and fortunately there are medications being developed to target different subtypes and have more effective treatment.  So that's good news if melanoma has advanced. 


Explaining all that to us is a melanoma specialist from one of the nation's leading research centers, of course, UCSF.  That's Dr. Susana Ortiz, a dermatologist.  She's an M.D., Ph.D. there.  Dr. Ortiz, just to review, what is melanoma exactly? 




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