New Targeted Molecular Therapies for Prostate Cancer

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Time and time again we hear, “more men will die with prostate cancer rather than from it.” Fortunately, there have been major breakthroughs in the treatment of prostate cancer, from the Provenge vaccine to Cabazitaxel. In this Patient Power program, Dr. Evan Yu and his patient, Norman, will discuss the latest therapies and clinical trials for prostate cancer.

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We're going to talk about that in this Patient Power program sponsored by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and connect you with a leader in the field.  First, though, I want to introduce you to someone who has been living with these concerns, living with prostate cancer that has spread.  That's 61?year?old Norman O'Rourke, who is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Norman, I know you would religiously get physicals, but then you skipped a couple years.  Everything was fine, skipped a couple years, go back to your doctor in Fort Lauderdale in 2006.  What did the PSA test say? 

Definitely.  Never had a moment's hesitation that I made the right decision.

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