Myeloma News From ASH 2016: An Update From Dr. Rafael Fonseca

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Topics include: Treatment and Understanding

What highlights out of ASH 2016 are applicable to day-to-day care for Myeloma patients?  Mary Windishar hosts this interview with hematological malignancies expert, Dr. Rafael Fonseca of Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Fonseca, who has a strong social media presence on Twitter @Rfonsi1, discusses several aspects of the heterogeneity of myeloma and how this increased understanding (due to clinical trials) is leading clinicians such as himself to better understand the disease.  He also shares his insights on becoming an informed patient, explaining that as a patient, their family, and their care partner become more informed and involved, it allows him to treat the patient in an increased holistic manner.

Clinical Trials Mentioned in This Video

Immunomodulatory Drugs (IMID) Clinical Trials

Venetoclax Clinical Trials

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Page last updated on January 3, 2017