Mother and Daughter Duo: Providing Tools for Early Management of PKU

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Nicole Pallone of Sparwood, British Columbia is mother to three-year-old Rosie—a bright, vibrant, vegetable-loving, almost-four-year-old—who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called phenylketonuria (PKU) at four days old. Nicole and her husband Dino were devastated and uncertain of what this meant for Rosie. There was enormous concern during the first six months, but fortunately, with good clinical care and a detail-oriented nurse, they learned how to get enough calories to Rosie without also giving her too much protein.  At 20 months, Rosie began taking formula and had a great response. Inspired by her daughter’s rare condition, Nicole is vice president of Canadian PKU and Allied Disorders, (CanPKU), a nonprofit organization helping educate those living with PKU and providing opportunities for families to connect and be empowered.

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