Money Matters: Paying for Treatment When Hodgkin Lymphoma Returns

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[Editor’s Note: Over the years Patient Power has heard from many patients and care partners. With our ongoing “Where are they now” campaign, we get an opportunity to check in and hear updates from Patient Power’s amazing community members. Meredith and Suzanne share with us their latest news. For previous conversations and blogs with Meredith and Suzanne, click the links below.]

Cancer treatments not only take an emotional and physical toll, but also financial. Especially when it comes back. Hodgkin patient advocates Meredith Wooten and Suzanne Hyte talk about their financial journey and challenges they faced. Also, hear from John Sweetenham, MD and John Sayler, PA about the importance of doing your legwork and connecting with people, like oncology social workers, who can help you make sure your money mattes are taken care of. Watch now.

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Page last updated on June 15, 2016