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Does eating chocolate or greasy food cause acne? If you don't wear a coat when it’s cold outside, will you catch a cold? Does sugar cause kids to be hyperactive? Do vaccines cause autism? Dr. Zubin Vasavada, Family Medicine Physician at the UW Neighborhood Clinic in Ravenna, and Dr. Pamela Sheffield, Clinic Chief at the UW Neighborhood, Ravenna discuss which of these commonly held beliefs are medical fact and which are fiction.

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Well, as I was growing up in the New York area, and it would be cold a lot of the time, my mother said, wear your coat.  It’s cold outside.  You’re going to catch a cold.  And your mother may well have said that to you.  Is that true?  Or eating sugary foods is going to make your kid hyperactive.  Is that true?  Well, these are things that we’ve all heard and we wonder, is it true.  Well, we have two experts from UW Medicine, family practitioners who are going to help us in sort of a game show we’re going to go through with them and see what is true and what is not.  You can kind of play along and see whether your thinking is true or not. 

So our panelists today are Dr. Pamela Sheffield.  She is the clinic chief at the UW Neighborhood Clinic in Ravenna.  And then Zubin Vasadava, who is a family medicine physician also at the UW Medicine Neighborhood Clinic in Ravenna.  Pam, thanks for being back on Patient Power.  Let’s just tackle that one first about wearing a coat so your kid doesn’t get a cold.  Any truth to that, that the cold weather leads to you catching a cold? 

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