Brian Druker: My Vision for CML and the Road to a Cure

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Dr. Brian Druker, a CML expert from OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute and a key researcher responsible for the development of imatinib, gives his perspective about the progress that's been made in research and treatment.  He is encouraged that, in most cases, patients can have their disease well managed on existing therapies, while newer agents--some still in trials--will provide even more options for those who are resistant or are experiencing side effects.  Dr. Druker explains that he believes CML research can, and should, begin focusing on eradicating the disease altogther, and provides his suggestion about how he believes that might happen.

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Andrew Schorr:

But to me the biggest challenge is can we ultimately think about a strategy to eradicate the disease so that people don’t have to be on a daily medication for the rest of their lives.  But it’s still good news that we’ve gone from what was a death sentence 10 years ago to a manageable condition.

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