ASH 2018 Daily Wrap: Myeloma News

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Topics include: Treatment and Understanding

In day two of Patient Power’s daily wrap-up from the 2018 American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting in San Diego, Patient Power founders Andrew and Esther Schorr are joined by a panel of leading experts, including Dr. Gareth Morgan, from The UAMS Myeloma Institute, Dr. Mohit Trikha, from Triphase Accelerator Corp., and host and patient advocate Jack Aiello, who has been living with myeloma since 1995, to discuss news from the meeting and share research highlights. The panel discusses impressive treatment advances and important headlines in clinical research, particularly related to multiple myeloma, and captures the state of myeloma care today. Watch now to find out the latest news from ASH 2018. 

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