Access to Better Care: Overcoming Financial and Insurance Barriers

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Topics include: Living Well | Self-Advocacy and Empowerment and Living Well | Financial Resources

Listen to Andrew Schorr, Stacey Worthy of Aimed Alliance, and patient advocate Eliot Finkelstein discuss how to overcome financial and insurance barriers to access better care. They discuss steps you can take as a patient or care partner to insure you are getting the appropriate and affordable care.

Some actionable takeaways from the program: 

  •      Find out if you have a patient navigator at your hospital, discuss with them your concerns and questions about your coverage
  •      Discuss with your doctor the choices you can make with cost of care in mind
  •      Contact your insurance company directly with any questions regarding your coverage 
  •      Call the drug company/manufacturer about drug assistance programs 
  •      If on Medicare, consult with Patient Advocate Foundation (, needymeds (, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) (, Good Days ( 

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