The Proactive Myeloma Patient: Putting Key Myeloma Research & Treatments News Into Perspective

September 23, 2018

An audience of myeloma patients and their caregivers joined us at a recent town meeting along with Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University to hear the latest treatment and research news, inspiring stories of people living well with myeloma, tips for effective communication and more.

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What Tests Are Recommended for Myeloma Patients on Bisphosphonates?

How can myeloma patients on bisphosphonates be proactive about side effect management? Watch now to hear myeloma expert Dr. Ajay Nooka, explain recommended tests.


What Are the Long-Term Effects of Myeloma Treatment?

Myeloma expert Dr. Jonathan Kaufman discusses potential risks for patients on maintenance therapy and how patients can stay proactive through treatment. Watch now to learn.


How Do Young Adults With Multiple Myeloma Tolerate Treatment?

Do younger myeloma patients respond to treatment differently? Tune in to hear myeloma experts Dr. Jonathan Kaufman and Dr. Rafael Fonseca share their knowledge.


Hope and Progress in CAR-T Cell Therapy for Myeloma

Watch as myeloma expert Dr. Jonathan Kaufman shares developments in CAR-T cell therapy and challenges patients may face with the therapy.


Progress in CAR-T Cell Therapy for Myeloma: What Does the Future Hold?

Watch now to hear myeloma expert Dr. Rafael Fonseca explain where research is today for CAR-T cell therapy, clinical trial studies for the innovative immunotherapy, and more.


Is There a Racial or Ethnic Disparity in Myeloma Data?

At a recent town meeting in Atlanta, renowned myeloma expert Dr. Ajay Nooka discusses clinical trial research on the biological implications of more frequently diagnosed patient populations. Watch now to learn more.


Precision Medicine for Myeloma: Are There New Targeted Drugs in Development?

Where is research today on precision medicine for multiple myeloma? Watch now to hear renowned myeloma expert Dr. Jonathan Kaufman give an important update on targeted therapies.


How Do I Best Evaluate Myeloma Treatment Options After Relapse?

What course of action should myeloma patients take after a relapse? Does the nature of relapse vary from patient to patient? Watch now to hear experts Dr. Jonathan Kaufman and Dr. Rafael Fonseca explain.


Developments in Myeloma: What Are BiTEs?

How can BiTES benefit myeloma patients? Noted myeloma expert Dr. Jonathan Kaufman explains how the immunotherapy works to treat multiple myeloma and where research is today. Watch now to find out more.


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Host & Guests

Host and Patient Advocate, living with myeloma since 1995; Board member, Patient Empowerment Network


Associate Professor and Associate Vice-Chair for Quality and Safety, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Emory University School of Medicine; Medical Director and Section Chief, Ambulatory Infusion Centers

Winship Cancer Institute


Winship Cancer Institute

Nurse Practitioner

Winship Cancer Institute

Site Director, Hematological Malignancies

Mayo Clinic Arizona

Patient Advocate

Myeloma Patient

This town meeting is sponsored by Amgen, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Adaptive Biotechnologies. It is produced by Patient Power in partnership with Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University.

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