The ABCs (Access = Better Care) of Patient Power

The ABCs of Patient Power

The ABCs (Access = Better Care) of Patient Power is an advocacy and empowerment program that will bring the voices of patients and caregivers into the national conversation about barriers to quality care and the need for new solutions to ensure access to clinical trials, genetic testing and personalized therapies. 

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Understanding CLL Treatment Resistance and Next Steps

What happens if CLL cells start to resist the effects of treatment? Watch as Dr. David Maloney explains the capabilities of novel agents, response duration and other options with treatment resistance.


CAR-T Cell Therapy for CLL: Where We Are Now and Where Research Is Headed

How are CLL patients responding to CAR T-cell therapy, and which patient subgroup is the immunotherapy recommended for? Watch as expert Dr. David Maloney gives an in-depth research update.


How Does the Health Insurance Appeal Process Work? An Expert Explains

How does the appeal process work for health insurance? Watch as Stacey Worthy explains the procedure for CLL patients with a denied medical claim who wish to file an appeal.


A CLL Patient’s Perspective on Speaking Up About High Medical Bills

How can cancer patients manage or reduce expensive medical bills? Watch as CLL patient Eliot Finkelstein offers advice on navigating the financial aspects of CLL care.


Navigating Health Insurance: What Can Patients Do If They’re Denied Access to Treatment?

Expert Stacey Worthy and CLL patient Eliot Finkelstein share steps for others to take if they’re denied access to important testing or treatment. Watch now to learn more.


Comparing Health Insurance: How to Determine Which Plan Is Right for You

What should CLL patients look for in their health insurance plan? Tune in to hear Stacey Worthy and Eliot Finkelstein give advice on comparative shopping, navigating the marketplace and more.


Congress and Cancer Care: How Can CLL Patients Get Involved With Insurance Policy-Making?

What can cancer patients do to make their voices heard about high out-of-pocket medical costs? Tune in to hear expert Stacey Worthy explain how to self-advocate and influence insurance policy-makers.


How Are Insurance Plans Changing in 2019? An Expert Weighs In

What changes can you expect to see when it comes to your insurance? Watch as expert Stacey Worthy discusses the specifics of Medicare coverage and what it means for patients.


What Can CLL Patients Do About Expensive Co-Pays?

What can you do as a cancer patient if you are overwhelmed with bills and co-pays? Watch as we break it down with experts Eliot Finkelstein and Stacey Worthy.


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