Precision Medicine for Me

Precision Medicine for Me is a new, grassroots, collaborative initiative aimed at building a replicable and measurable model to increase patient awareness about and engagement in precision medicine. This initiative has Patient Power and Antidote at the helm and includes a number of advocacy organizations such as the Free to Breathe, Lung Cancer Foundation of America, PatientsLikeMe, the Patient Empowerment Foundation, and SurviveIt. This mix of for-profit and non-profit organizations has come together with the goal of getting patients the best possible care, starting with the knowledge, hope and action they can take right now.

Critical Questions to Ask When You Are Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Matt Ellefson, lung cancer survivor and Founder & CEO of the cancer initiative SURVIVEiT, discusses the critical questions that patients should ask when diagnosed with lung cancer.


10-Year Lung Cancer Survivor Shares How Research Developments Saved His Life

Dr. Michael Weitz, a 10-year lung cancer survivor, emergency physician, and lung cancer advocate, discusses his hopefulness in regards to research developments and shares his personal experiences with targeted therapies and personalized medicine.


How Can Doctors Encourage Molecular Testing in Lung Cancer Patients?

Dr. David Carbone of Ohio State University's James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute explains how education and advocacy efforts can help doctors encourage molecular testing in lung cancer patients.


Precision Medicine: Keeping Community Oncologists “In the Know”

Dr. Bruce E. Johnson, incoming president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, addresses how the society is working with community hospitals to educate oncologists about precision medicine.


IASLC Molecular Guideline Testing: What’s Changing?

Discover new and improved guidelines for genomic testing of lung cancer with Dr. Paul Bunn and Janet Freeman-Daily.


ASCO’s TAPUR Study: More Options for Patients With Advanced Cancer?

Dr. Bruce Johnson of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston discusses the TAPUR Study and the future of genomic testing.


Ohio’s Statewide Trial: Accessing Free Genomic Testing in Lung Cancer

Noted lung cancer expert Dr. David Carbone discusses Ohio's statewide initiative giving patients access to free genomic testing.


Are Some Metastatic Lung Cancer Patients Outliving Prognosis?

Stay updated on advancements in targeted therapies for metastatic lung cancer patients with Dr. David Carbone.


Understanding My Type of Lung Cancer: How a Clinical Trial Can Help

Get involved in your personalized lung cancer treatment. Learn more with Mary Henningfield, Director of Science and Education at Free to Breathe.


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