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Myeloma Patient Café®: Do Myeloma Patients Worry About Life Expectancy?

How does prognosis affect a patient’s mental health and well-being? Watch as myeloma patients discuss the anxiety and worry that comes with a looming life expectancy.


Myeloma Patient Cafe®: How Do I Balance Life and Family After a Myeloma Diagnosis?

Patients living with myeloma often wonder how to keep a balance between doctors’ appointments and raising children. Cynthia and Kathy discuss how to maintain a healthy family life while undergoing treatment.


Myeloma Patient Cafe®: What Does Normal Mean When Living With Myeloma?

Cancer survivors living with multiple myeloma discuss the impact of diagnosis on day-to-day life and how to find balance and normalcy in the midst of doctors’ appointments.


Myeloma Patient Café: Self-Education and Empowerment Tips From Long-Term Survivors

Cynthia Chmielewski, a patient advocate and mentor who is living with multiple myeloma, speaks with other patient advocates about self-education and self-empowerment.


Myeloma Patient Café: What's Life Like With Myeloma?

In this Myeloma Patient Café®, six myeloma patients discuss their lives with myeloma amongst each other and explain what living well with myeloma means to them.


Why Do Some Myeloma Patients Avoid Clinical Trials?

Four patient advocates with a large stake in the multiple myeloma world discuss clinical trials: Jenny Ahlstrom, Cindy Chmielewski, Jack Aiello and Brian McMahon.


Are Clinical Trials Especially Key in Myeloma?

Catch up with four patient advocates as they discuss the value of clinical trials for myeloma patients: Jenny Ahlstrom, Cindy Chmielewski, Jack Aiello and Brian McMahon.


Advice for Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients

Jack Aiello sits down with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients to discuss how myeloma has changed their lives, advocating for yourself, and what advice they would give to other newly diagnosed patients.


Can Myeloma Patients Use Social Media As a Tool?

Meet multiple myeloma (MM) patients online. Cynthia Chmielewski moderates this Patient Café chat room as they discuss the value of social media for today’s patients.


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