Meet e-Patient Dave


Meet "E-Patient Dave" deBronkart, a cancer survivor and international speaker, as he shares his thoughts about the role of patients in healthcare  today and in the future.


How are “e-patients” Transforming Healthcare?

Dave deBronkart, “deBronkart explains how patients are achieving more power in their relationships with doctors and researchers because of the distribution of education and information on the Internet and connections made in social media.

Defining the “e-Patient” Today

Leading healthcare transformation patient activist explains what an engaged patient is today and how it is shifting the relationship between the patient and their doctor and the healthcare system.

The Challenges "e-Patients" Face Today

As we continue our discussion with “e-patient Dave,” he explains the latest challenges to e-patients today.

Where Are "e-Patients" Headed?

What is the future for e-patients and what difference can that make? Dave deBronkart, “e-patient Dave,” gives us a view of the future.

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Page last updated on November 21, 2014