What is multiple myeloma? How is multiple myeloma diagnosed and monitored? In this “Ask the Expert” series, Dr. Robert Orlowski and other experts explain the basics of myeloma.

Ask the Expert: Multiple Myeloma

Ask the Expert: Why Doesn’t Transplant Cure Multiple Myeloma?

Dr. Gareth Morgan reveals what health prerequisites multiple myeloma patients must reach before they can become cured and what tools are available to help attain that goal.


Ask the Expert: Any Updates on the Use of the New Immuno-Drugs for Maintenance in Myeloma?

What’s the latest in the use of immuno-drugs for maintenance of myeloma? Listen in as Dr. Gareth Morgan elaborates on the potential of these myeloma therapies.


Ask the Expert: Does a Myeloma Patient Need to Be in Remission to Benefit From the Black Swan Initiative?

Can the sensitive testing used in the Black Swan Initiative improve your treatment? Tune in to hear Dr. Gareth Morgan explain the latest myeloma tools and technology.


Ask the Expert: Should I Discontinue or Continue Revlimid If I Remain MRD Negative?

Should Revlimid treatment be continued with MRD-negative disease status? Myeloma expert Dr. Gareth Morgan, weighs in on this decision and shares the medical practices for an optimal health outcome.


Myeloma Remission: Will I Need a Transplant No Matter What?

Discover options for multiple myeloma patients who are not candidates for an autologous stem cell transplant. Watch as Dr. Hearn Jay Cho explains.


Does Moderate Renal Insufficiency Indicate That My Myeloma Should Be Treated Sooner?

Confirm when to start multiple myeloma treatments for patients with renal insufficiency. Watch as Dr. Hearn Jay Cho offers advice.


Can I Continue My Myeloma Medication and Avoid the Skin Rash It Causes?

Got a Revlimid rash? Myeloma expert Dr. Hearn Jay Cho of Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai has options and alternatives for you.


Should I Join a Trial to Prevent Myeloma Progression?

Are there clinical trials for high-risk smoldering multiple myeloma patients? Dr. Hearn Jay Cho discusses options.


Should Multiple Myeloma Patients Undergo Genetic Testing?

Myeloma experts from UAMS share the latest advice related to genetic testing for multiple myeloma, including insurance coverage.


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This Ask the Expert series is sponsored by the Patient Empowerment Network, which received funding from Takeda and the Celgene Corporation.

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