A diagnosis of lung cancer can be overwhelming for the entire family. Open discussion between family members, health professionals and patients can help ensure the best care. In this "Ask the Expert" series, leading lung cancer experts answer questions about new treatments, research and clinical trials related to lung cancer.

Ask the Expert: Lung Cancer

Can a Single Biopsy Accurately Profile My Lung Cancer Tumor?

Stay on top of lung cancer biopsy information with Drs. Ross Camidge and Nisha Mohindra.


Will the U.S. Be Utilizing the Cuban Lung Cancer Vaccine, CimaVax?

Will the U.S. be utilizing the lung cancer vaccine, CimaVax, that is used in Cuba? Dr. Ross Camidge reports CimaVax’s progress.


Should I Expect Biomarker Tests As Part of My Lung Cancer Diagnosis?

Dr. Ross Camidge answers a question about biomarker tests as part of lung cancer diagnosis.


Liquid Biopsies: Are They Helpful in Diagnosis and Treatment?

What are liquid biopsies and would they be useful in my diagnosis and treatment?


Should My Doctor Talk to Me About Side Effects of New Lung Cancer Treatments?

New lung cancer treatment? Learn about expected and unexpected side effects. Janet Daily-Freeman interviews Dr. Ross Camidge.


Can Stage IV Lung Cancer Patients Have Surgery?

Learn about surgical options for stage IV lung cancer. Janet Freeman-Daily interviews Dr. David Odell.


Page last updated on December 23, 2016