Ask the Expert: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

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Ask the CLL Expert Live Replay

Leading CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman answered questions from the Patient Power community LIVE. Watch the replay now to hear answers to your questions about treatment, research, managing side effects and more.


Ask the Expert: Does CLL Affect Male Fertility?

How does CLL affect male fertility? Dr. Michael Keating identifies fertility-related risk factors from the disease and its treatment.


Ask the Expert: What Do Enlarged Lymph Nodes Indicate in Stage Zero CLL?

What do enlarged lymph nodes indicate in stage zero CLL patients? Watch as Dr. Michael Keating discusses location, size, tests and treatment.


Ask the Expert: Is CLL Genetic?

What is the probability of passing CLL down to future generations? Find out from Dr. Michael Keating as he breaks down the genetic components of this condition.


Ask the Expert: How Do Steroids Affect CLL Treatment Response?

CLL patients can be prescribed steroids as a part of treatment, but how do they influence the body’s ability to reach remission? Dr. Michael Keating explains.


Ask the Expert: What Happens If I Become Resistant to Ibrutinib?

Dr. Michael Keating offers CLL patients other courses of action for treatment if they begin to develop drug resistance to ibrutinib (Imbruvica).


Ask the Expert: Are Blood Thinners Safe for CLL Patients?

In this “Ask the Expert” session, Dr. Michael Keating weighs in to inform patients on the effects of blood thinners on platelet production and function.


Ask the Expert: What Is the Significance of IGHV Mutation Status?

What Is the significance of the IGHV mutation status? Dr. Jeff Sharman explains.


Could Using Newer Treatments As a Frontline Treatment Decrease Future Efficacy of FCR?

Will using newer treatments as a frontline treatment decrease future efficacy of FCR if the patient becomes refractory? Dr. Jeff Sharman explains.


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Page last updated on December 12, 2017