Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Sugar Pill Myth: What Am I Really Getting in a Clinical Trial?

One barrier to clinical trial enrollment is the myth that patients might receive a sugar pill and get no treatment at all. Watch as Dr. Heather Wakelee lays out the clinical trial facts.


Webinar Replay: Expanding Research and Treatment Options for Advanced Prostate Cancer

What do prostate cancer experts Dr. Tia Higano and Dr. Tomasz Beer think about the latest in prostate cancer? Watch as they join patients discuss advice and the newest prostate cancer treatments.


Clinical Trial MythBusters: Which Factors Can Exclude Me From a Trial?

What is the criteria for participating in a clinical trial? In this Clinical Trial MythBusters, Dr. Heather Wakelee explains trial eligibility and why they’re designed this way.


Meryl: The Importance of Advancing Research

Meryl is a care partner and Co-Pl for the PCORI Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Patient and Caregiver Powered Research Network. Her husband and mother both have Alzheimer’s disease. Hear her story as she discusses the importance of advancing research.


New Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer Patients With Metastatic Disease

Dr Neal Shore, Director, CPI, Carolina Urologic Research Center, give us an update on the latest treatment options for prostate cancer patients with metastatic disease.


How Do I Navigate Clinical Trials That Are Right for Me?

The search for the right clinical trial can be overwhelming. Tune in to hear from Tricia Holtz as she shares a valuable resource for patients to help guide the decision-making process and to find a trial that’s right for them.


Clinical Trial MythBusters: How Have Clinical Trials Evolved?

The design of clinical trials had to adapt to better meet the needs of both patients and health experts. Find out from Dr. Heather Wakelee how the field has changed.


ESMO 2017 Prostate Cancer Research Update

Professor Joe O'Sullivan, prostate cancer specialist at Queen's University in Belfast, provides us with an update of the news from ESMO 2017 for prostate cancer patients.


¿Es útil la inmunoterapia en el cáncer de próstata?

La inmunoterapia, un tratamiento en el que el sistema inmunitario ataca las células tumorales, aún está en fase de estudio en cáncer de próstata. Nos lo explica el Dr. Joan Carles Galceran del Hospital Vall d'Hebron.


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