Living Well with Prostate Cancer

Michele Nadeem-Baker: Weapons for Fighting the Flu and Colds

Michele Nadeem-Baker shares her top seven weapons needed to keep healthy as a cancer patient during cold and flu season.


Andrew and Esther From Health 2.0

Andrew and Esther Schorr join us from Santa Clara, California at the Health 2.0 Conference.


Webinar Replay: Expanding Research and Treatment Options for Advanced Prostate Cancer

What do prostate cancer experts Dr. Tia Higano and Dr. Tomasz Beer think about the latest in prostate cancer? Watch as they join patients discuss advice and the newest prostate cancer treatments.


Eliot Finkelstein: Health Insurance Logistics

Filming from the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, dermatomyositis patient Eliot Finkelstein joins us. Watch for his tips on dealing with health insurance.


The Goals of Europa Uomo

Ken Mastris, President of Europa Uomo, a coalition of prostate cancer groups, explains the goals of the organization.


Treat the Patient, Not the Cancer

Europa Uomo's President and prostate cancer patient Ken Mastris explains why is important that health professionals understand the needs of patients with the disease.


Meryl: The Importance of Advancing Research

Meryl is a care partner and Co-Pl for the PCORI Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Patient and Caregiver Powered Research Network. Her husband and mother both have Alzheimer’s disease. Hear her story as she discusses the importance of advancing research.


Brian Theiss: Turning Suffering Into a Positive

Health and wellness expert Brian discusses how to turn the suffering that can come along with illness into a positive, as well as seeing the bigger picture.


Gilles Frydman, Founder of How Self-Advocacy Saves Lives

Are first opinions always accurate? Join us to learn from Gilles Frydman, Founder of ACOR, how patients play an essential role in their own health care and what you can do to determine that your medical services match your needs.


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