Prostate Cancer: Fighting the FDA for Your Life

Andrew Schorr:

I'm amazed. So, here's the thing is, I would mention to folks if you search a blog I've done on, which is a web site I founded before If you look at my blog, you'll see I wrote about this a lot, and I was quite angry after I attended that FDA oncology drug advisory committee hearing last September, and so I went on for weeks about it, and now it's sort of getting rekindled, and it really makes me feel great to connect with you gentleman and our listeners today, because as you said Ted, we haven't been getting the attention of the elected officials, yet they're the ones who approve the budget for the FDA, they're the employers of Dr. Pastor, of Dr. von Eschenbach, who is head of the FDA. He used to be head of the National Cancer Institute. So, here we are, very important people, but they need to answer to Congress, and Congress needs to answer to us. So, I think about it. If one of most powerful senators gets cancer and finds out tomorrow that they have advanced prostate cancer, won't they want something like this available to them? And if they or their office calls and says, hey, what's the problem? You know, they're going to see what we've all been facing. It's extremely frustrating. Mike, do you think we have a chance? What do we need to do to move this mountain?

Mike Kearney

I'm sorry. Andrew, could you repeat that?

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Page last updated on May 5, 2016