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Cosmetic surgery procedures are quite popular these days, but with many of these body-altering surgeries danger lurks for those who are uninformed. Nearly 11.7 million cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2007. The truth is, many people are not fully aware of the research required for procedures they have interest in, leaving them subjected to the possibility of botched operations by unqualified physicians. In this Patient Power program, you will learn how to better weigh the risks and benefits of cosmetic procedures and be educated on what consumers should be on the look out for.

Dr. Arthur Perry, a plastic surgeon at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, joins host Andrew Schorr, to uncover some of these dangers in addition to discussing his new book, Straight Talk About Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Perry sheds light on the dangerous trend of unqualified doctors performing complicated cosmetic surgery in storefront shops and discusses procedures you should expect to see in the near future. He also expands on some of the complexities of the surgeries and the controversial issues, such as how to avoid false fancy advertising. Host Andrew Schorr and Dr. Perry also explore why the FDA has brought gel-filled implants back to the market and the importance of second opinions.

You’ll hear Dr. Perry discuss why fraud continues to be prevalent among cosmetic procedures and where we are headed in the future of plastic surgery. He also touches on why hair transplants are have decreased greatly in popularity. If you or a love one is considering a cosmetic surgery, this program will prove to be quite informative.

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Andrew Schorr:

Hello and thanks for joining us once again on Patient Power. I'm Andrew Schorr, broadcasting live from the top corner of the country, Seattle, Washington, where it's a little gray today but warm. And the kids, my kid's, are in soccer camp. British soccer camp. These guys come over from London, they get the summer here. Teach American kids the finer points of soccer. Maybe we should have the Italians come in too. But it's a good day. I hope it is for you too.

Every day on Patient Power we discuss important health questions for you and connect you with leading experts. And as we've discussed so often it's really important these days for you to take ownership of your health, your health concerns, medical issues for you and get smart. And one of the areas that's so important to get smart, typically an elective area, is do you want to have some cosmetic procedure to help you look better and maybe feel better about yourself. And so you can't go into that lightly. Certainly if you're going to have surgery, maybe you're going to be put to sleep, that's a big deal, any kind of surgery. You need to think about that. Weigh the risks and benefits. Is it right for you, and have realistic expectations. If it's not a procedure like that, maybe it's dermabrasion or something, Botox shots or whatever it is, still you need to think about that.

So the other thing that's so important is who is providing the service to you. Are they well qualified? Are they truly educated? And when you think about cosmetic procedures and I believe across all medicine, there's truly an art to it. So you're not just looking for somebody with a certain degree or a certain clinic or a certain smile or a certain great office staff, you're looking for somebody who really can do the job well for you, can listen to you. That's certainly true in cosmetic procedures. So we're going to talk about that today, and it's important to have what you might say is straight talk.

Well, guess what. There is a plastic surgeon, somebody with a great background and a lot of experience, highly respected in the New YorkNew Jersey area, Doctor Arthur Perry, who has been doing this for years who has now come out with a book called Straight Talk About Cosmetic Surgery. So Dr. Perry joins us from Princeton, New Jersey today, where I think you just got out of surgery, right, Dr. Perry?

Dr. Perry:

Yes. I was doing a rhinoplasty. We call it a nose job sometimes, and I did that this morning.

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