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Breakthroughs in medical imaging technologies are allowing patients to have more treatment choices and most importantly, earlier detection. These technologies include CAT scans, PET scans, SPECT scans and others that focus on image-guided intervention. One of the key players on the ground floor of much of these advancements is neuroradiologist, Dr. Norm Beauchamp. Dr. Beauchamp is Chair of the Department of Radiology at the University of Washington Medical Center. He joins Andrew for an optimistic discussion on breakthroughs in medical imaging that are leading to better health outcomes for patients, as in the case of Cecily Clemons, who shares her story with listeners.

Cecily, a two-time cancer survivor in her early forties, discusses how imaging technologies caught her breast cancer at an early stage. After a mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy, Cecily was able to quickly decide what options would best suit her. You’ll hear all about Cecily’s story and learn more about her successful surgery and recovery.

This program takes a closer look at the art of radiology and how it’s changing the lives of patients like Cecily. Hear Dr. Beauchamp and Andrew's in-depth discussion about how the advancements of imaging technologies are allowing doctors to see inside the body like never before and, in many cases, detecting the cancer in its early stages.

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Andrew Schorr:

Good morning. We're live, as I said, on AM 570 KVI. Andrew Schorr here with Patient Power here week after week. The only show on radio that talks about important health conditions and connects you with leading experts, allows you to ask questions. I'm going to give you the numbers in a minute. And wherever you may be around the clear, crisp Pacific Northwest today, beautiful day, and we're going to have it I think through most of the week, which is terrific.

I want you to meet someone. I want you to meet Cecily Clemons. So Cecily used to live over in Bozeman, Montana, where it's probably even colder today, Cecily.

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