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The goal of our new Partners series on Patient Power is to create conversation around a variety of complex topics that MPN patients face. Partners will give MPN patients an opportunity to deliberate a variety of complex topics amongst one another while including an MPN specialist to provide an expert perspective.

Progression in MPNs: Allaying Fears and Taking Action

In part two of our Partners series, leading expert Dr. Mark Heaney and MPN patients Ann and Jonna discuss risk stratification, progression, potential complications and actionable steps to take to access the best care available.


What Patients Should Expect: An Expert Breaks Down the Procedure for a Bone Marrow Biopsy

MPN specialist Dr. Laura Michaelis explains how a bone marrow biopsy is performed, the potential risks and purpose of the procedure. Watch now to learn more.


The Winding Road to Diagnosis: How Everyone’s MPN Journey Is Different

A highlight from our first “Partners” program in the series, geared towards those that are newly diagnosed with an MPN, patients share their journey to diagnosis.


The Value in Seeing an MPN Specialist: Devising a Plan for Treatment and Follow-Up

From our first “Partners” program in the series, geared towards newly diagnosed MPN patients, a clinician and patients share their perspective on consultations with specialists and seeking a second opinion.


Patient-Doctor Perspective: Regaining Control of Health and Happiness After an MPN Diagnosis

An MPN takes a toll on a person’s body, mind and spirit. How can patients reclaim and enjoy their lives? Watch now for tips on regaining the control many patients feel they’ve lost during or after cancer treatment.


You’ve Been Diagnosed With an MPN: Now What?

This Partners program features Dr. Laura Michaelis, MPN patients and Andrew Schorr sharing unique perspective related to diagnosis, disease monitoring, treatment decisions, and what life is like with an MPN.


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Page last updated on August 3, 2018