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The US Oncology Network

The US Oncology Network is one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based oncology practices dedicated to advancing high-quality, evidence-based cancer care. A physician-led organization, The US Oncology Network unites like-minded physicians and clinicians around a common vision of improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Leveraging healthcare information technology, shared best practices, evidence-based guidelines and quality measurements, physicians within The US Oncology Network are pioneering new ways to achieve this vision. The US Oncology Network is committed to strengthening patient access to integrated care in local communities across the nation, including collaboration with a variety of payers, hospitals and academic institutions. The US Oncology Network is supported by McKesson Specialty Health, a division of McKesson Corporation focused on empowering a vibrant and sustainable community patient care delivery system. For more information, visit 

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10101 Woodloch Forest
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Making Sense of CLL: Session 2 Replay

Watch the afternoon session replay of our Portland town meeting as a panel of leading CLL experts explore current treatment options and share emerging research.


Making Sense of CLL: Session 1 Replay

Watch the morning session replay of our Portland town meeting as a panel of leading CLL experts explore current treatment options and share emerging research.


What Is Richter’s Transformation?

Why should CLL patients be concerned about Richter’s transformation? CLL expert Dr. Stephen Spurgeon explains what it means for treatment, how likely it is to happen, and how to test for it.


What Is High-Risk CLL?

CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman describes what is considered high-risk CLL and the latest technology available for a CLL treatment strategy. Watch now to learn more.


Options for CLL Patients With Joint Pain

Some CLL treatments can take a toll on a patient’s joints, causing aches and painful discomfort. What steps can your healthcare team take to alleviate this side effect? Tune in to find out.


CLL Vaccine Research: An Update

How could a DNA vaccine therapy work for CLL patients? Noted CLL expert, Dr. Michael Keating, explains where research is today for this approach.


How Can CLL Patients Combat Fatigue?

What do the experts recommend doing to combat fatigue? This counterintuitive approach may not be your first guess. Watch now to find out more on CLL symptom management for fatigue.


Financial Toxicity: How Do I Pay for My CLL Treatment?

Can the cost of a drug deter your path to treatment? Dr. Jeff Sharman and Nora Larson discuss the effects of cost on CLL care and share resources for financial support.


Coping With Anxiety and Depression After a CLL Diagnosis

Feelings of anxiety and depression after a CLL diagnosis are common, but where can patients draw strength from to persevere? Watch now to hear advice from the experts.


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