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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)

Reach out to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Information Specialists for the latest information on leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma and for support. Call 1.800.955.4572 or email 

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3 International Drive, Suite 200
Rye Brook , NY 10573
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Ask the AML Expert: What Do New Drugs Mean for My AML?

‘We’ve had years and years of research that we’ve been building upon to get to this point,’ says noted AML expert Dr. Daniel Pollyea. Watch this Ask the Expert replay to learn about advances for patients.


How Is the AML Treatment Landscape Evolving?

What’s happening in AML treatment research? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Thomas LeBlanc give an encouraging update on new approaches to AML treatment, genetic profiling and more.


Coping With the Cost of AML Care: Anxiety From Financial Toxicity

How can people deal with financial toxicity from AML care? Watch as Dr. Thomas LeBlanc and Michelle Rajotte discuss financial barriers to AML treatment and resources to help patients find assistance.


What Is the Relationship Between Emotional Stress and AML Prognosis?

Is there a connection between emotional distress and AML prognosis? Listen as Dr. Thomas LeBlanc shares findings from a recent clinical study on factors that influence treatment outcomes and patient response rates.


What Are the Current Treatment Options for AML?

During this “What Are the Current Treatment Options for AML?” full-length replay, a panel of AML experts and patients share exciting developments in treatment research and the impact on patients. Watch now to learn more.


Emotional Aspects of Cancer: Resources to Help AML Patients and Care Partners Cope

What resources can help people cope with the emotional side of AML? Watch as Michelle Rajotte discusses tools that can provide support for patients and care partners dealing with cancer.


What Emotional Side Effects Do AML Patients Face?

How does an AML diagnosis affect a person’s emotional health? Tune in as Dr. Thomas LeBlanc discusses the emotional impact of AML on patients and some commonly seen emotional responses to diagnosis and treatment.


Maximizing Your AML Care: How Can Patients Advocate for Genetic Testing?

With education happening across the country for patients and doctors alike on genetic testing, how can AML patients advocate for this testing? Watch as Dr. Naval Daver provides insight.


When Should AML Patients Consider Genetic Testing?

With eight new AML treatments arriving within the last year, when should patients consider genetic testing? Watch now as expert Dr. Naval Daver explains.


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