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Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is  a nationally ranked, world-renowned cancer treatment center that brings together leading research teams and cancer specialists from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (“Fred Hutch”), Seattle Children’s and UW Medicine - one extraordinary group whose sole purpose is the pursuit of better, longer, richer lives for patients.

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825 Eastlake Avenue E.
Seattle , WA 98109-1023
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When Do Emerging Prostate Cancer Therapies Become Standard of Care?

Prostate cancer experts Dr. Celestia Higano and Dr. Tomasz Beer share how patients can connect with the latest research developments and emerging therapies, and when to expect the standard of care to change.


Tips for Living Well With Prostate Cancer

Our panel of prostate cancer experts and patients share ways to live a meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable life with prostate cancer. Watch now to learn more.


Why Are First-Generation Prostate Cancer Drugs Still Used?

With the innovations produced by second-generation prostate cancer drugs, why are first-generation therapies still used? Prostate cancer expert Dr. Tomasz Beer explains.


Is Off-Label Drug Use Safe?

Has your healthcare team mentioned using an FDA-approved drug for an unapproved use? Our panel of prostate cancer experts explain what patients should know about the safety and effectiveness of this type of treatment.


The Role of Genetic Profiling and Immunotherapy in Treating Prostate Cancer

How can prostate cancer patients tell if they’re a good candidate for immunotherapy? Prostate cancer expert Dr. Tomasz Beer explains what genetic markers to look for.


Prostate Cancer: An Update on Checkpoint Inhibitor Research

Prostate cancer expert Dr. Tomasz Beer joins us from the frontlines of treatment research to discuss the latest news on checkpoint inhibitors for prostate cancer.


Hormone-Resistant vs. Hormone-Responsive Metastatic Prostate Cancer: How Does the Approach to Treatment Vary?

What factors determine the route a metastatic prostate cancer patient’s treatment journey will take? Prostate cancer expert Dr. Tomasz Beer explains how treatment plans are typically sequenced and what therapies are suitable for different stages of the disease.


CyberKnife: How Could It Be Used to Treat Prostate Cancer?

What is CyberKnife, and when should prostate cancer patients consider using it for treatment? Prostate cancer expert Dr. Celestia Higano explains.


Why Should I See a Prostate Cancer Specialist?

Prostate cancer experts Dr. Tomasz Beer and Dr. Celestia Higano discuss when is a critical time to see a specialist, why a second opinion is important and how patients can benefit.


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