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Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is  a nationally ranked, world-renowned cancer treatment center that brings together leading research teams and cancer specialists from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (“Fred Hutch”), Seattle Children’s and UW Medicine - one extraordinary group whose sole purpose is the pursuit of better, longer, richer lives for patients.

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825 Eastlake Avenue E.
Seattle , WA 98109-1023
(800) 430-8555 x570555


Managing Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Prostate cancer experts, Dr. Tomasz Beer and Dr. Celestia Higano, discuss ways patients can minimize side effects and maximize quality of life during treatment. Watch now to find out how.


What Experts Have to Say About Miracle Cure Diets

The Internet is rampant with superfood and miracle diet claims to prevent or even cure cancer, but is there any truth to these astounding statements? Watch now to hear it straight from the experts.


Are Supplements Effective and Safe for Prostate Cancer Patients?

Is the use of supplements during prostate cancer treatment helpful or harmful? Watch now to find out research-based recommendations from the experts.


How Speaking Up About Symptoms Can Improve Quality of Life

The symptom burden from prostate cancer can be embarrassing to talk about, but can avoiding the conversation be harmful to your health? Watch now and learn.


How Do Clinical Trials Contribute to Research?

How do clinical trials challenge the standard of care, and when should patients consider joining? Watch now to learn more about trials from expert Dr. Tomasz Beer.


What Are Common Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms?

Prostate cancer expert Dr. Tomasz Beer relays some common symptoms doctors see from prostate cancer patients. Tune in to stay informed about your condition.


How Is Chemotherapy Used To Treat Prostate Cancer?

When is it appropriate to use chemotherapy for prostate cancer? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Celestia Higano discuss the conditions for it use in treatment.


Expert Perspective: Managing MPN Care and Treatment Decisions

Dr. Bart Scott, Director of Hematology and Hematologic Malignancies at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, explains coordinated care, why MPN patients should actively seek expert care, and why this is a hopeful time for the management of MPNs.


ASCO 2015: Personalized Medicine and Genomics in Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Stacey Shiovitz, medical oncologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine, joins us to discuss research in colorectal cancer. She explains how exciting this time is due to the new research underway in the fight against colorectal cancer.


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