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Accessing Financial Help for CLL Treatment Costs

Dr. William Wierda and Susan Ash-Lee discuss resources for patients to help alleviate the financial hardship of CLL treatment and why medication costs are so high. Watch for their CLL expert advice.


Is It Safe to Use Supplements During CLL Treatment?

What effects do herbs, vitamins and probiotics have on your CLL care? Find out from CLL experts if these natural remedies are safe to take during treatment.


Advice for Dealing With the Stress of CLL Treatment

Life with CLL can be stressful and treatment is often a source of anxiety for patients. Learn coping strategies to manage emotions.


Fast-Track to Treatment: How a Positive Relationship With Your Doctor Can Accelerate Care

How do patients make the best treatment decisions for themselves? Join Tammy on her CLL journey as she shares how trusting her doctor accelerated her care.


Andy’s Story: How I Manage CLL and Multiple Sclerosis

At a town hall meeting with a panel of experts, Andy, a CLL survivor who also has MS, discusses how he lives well while staying in remission.


Why Should a CLL Patient Consider a Clinical Trial?

When should a patient consider participating in a clinical trial? Dr. William Wierda and Patty Gibson discuss the clinical trial process.


Inhibitor Therapies: How Do They Treat CLL?

Renowned CLL expert Dr. John Burke discusses how inhibitors work in treating CLL. Watch to learn how they differ from chemo and how they affect cancer proteins.


What Causes Fatigue in CLL Patients and How Can It Be Treated?

Why do CLL patients experience fatigue? Watch as Dr. John Burke and Dr. William Wierda, renowned CLL experts, discuss the causes of fatigue in patients.


Which Factors Help Determine a Treatment Path for a CLL Patient?

With an array of CLL treatment options and more in development, how does a patient work with their doctor to find the right therapy? Watch as CLL expert Dr. John Burke explains.


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Page last updated on April 5, 2017