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What Does Affordable Healthcare Mean for Cancer Patients?

Obtain tools for decreasing your out-of-pocket expenses related to your cancer care. Janet Freeman-Daily hosts this roundtable of cancer care experts.


Will Genomic Testing After Cancer Treatment Help Me?

Stay abreast of the discussion on genomic testing for lung cancer. Drs. Ross Camidge and Nisha Mohindra comment.


Will Insurance Companies Cover Molecular Testing for My Lung Cancer?

Pick up tips on stretching your insurance coverage for molecular testing. Lung cancer experts Drs. Ross Camidge and Nisha Mohindra explain.


Can Lung Cancer Patients Have Stereotactic Radiosurgery More Than Once?

Discover the emerging role of stereotactic radiosurgery for lung cancer patients with Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center experts, Drs. Timothy Kruser and David Odell.


Why Do Some Lung Cancer Patients Have Driver Mutations and Others Do Not?

Learn how driver mutations occur and how your doctor can treat you even without an actionable mutation. With Janet Freeman-Daily and Dr. Ross Camidge.


What Approved Drugs Are Treating Known Mutations in Lung Cancer?

Discover updates on lung cancer mutations and the associated medications available. Dr. Nisha Mohindra and Dr. Ross Camidge explain.


What Is Considered Early Stage Lung Cancer and How Is It Treated?

Lung cancer patient and advocate Janet Freeman-Daily talks to a panel of experts about the various treatment options for early stage lung cancer.


Should I Assemble a Multidisciplinary Team If I Have Lung Cancer?

What is the benefit to a multidisciplinary lung cancer team? Drs. Ross Camidge and David Odell share their expert opinions.


What Bronchoscopic Techniques Diagnose and Stage Lung Cancer?

Discover the difference between mediastinoscopy and bronchoscopy. Janet Freeman-Daily interviews Dr. David Odell of Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.


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