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Our mission is to fortify the health care consumer with the knowledge and tools to feel more confident playing a central role in decisions that affect their health, putting them more in control of their health and health care.

To especially empower patients and families dealing with cancer and serious, life-long chronic conditions so their “journey” can be better.

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Taking Back Control: How I Became an Empowered Patient

Patient advocate Carol Preston speaks with a panel of five other patients about ways they actively participate in their care, how to stay informed and the insight gained from their unique journeys with CLL.


Understanding Supportive Care: Terms and Resources to Know

Expert Dr. Ishwaria Subbiah explains what tools are available to help support patients on their treatment journey, from body pain and symptom management to spiritual and emotional distress.


What's a Myeloma Clinical Trial Like? Patients Share Their Experiences

What is clinical trial participation really like for patients? During this Myeloma Patient Café, hear from four different patients living with multiple myeloma as they walk through their treatment path, what led to a clinical trial, their unique view of following trial protocol and trial results.


Mind-Body Medicine: How Can Cancer Patients Utilize Supportive Care Therapy Tools?

Certified yoga therapist Raquel Jex Forsgren and expert oncologist Dr. Ishwaria Subbiah discuss the research-based benefits of mind-body practices for cancer patients. Join us to learn more on how to access supportive care tools before, during and after treatment.


A Lung Cancer Roundtable: Takeaways From ASCO 2018

A panel of lung cancer experts weigh in on the latest research and treatment developments announced at ASCO 2018. Watch now to stay up-to-date with current lung cancer news and new generation medicines.


When Do Emerging Prostate Cancer Therapies Become Standard of Care?

Prostate cancer experts Dr. Celestia Higano and Dr. Tomasz Beer share how patients can connect with the latest research developments and emerging therapies, and when to expect the standard of care to change.


Tips for Living Well With Prostate Cancer

Our panel of prostate cancer experts and patients share ways to live a meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable life with prostate cancer. Watch now to learn more.


What Are the Side Effect Profiles for Modern AML Treatments?

What potential side effects can AML patients expect from powerful new therapies? Expert, Dr. Ross Levine explains.


How Likely Is It for a Patient's Myelofibrosis or MDS to Transform Into AML?

What percentage of people with MDS or an MPN transform into AML? Our expert panel explains the signs to look for and what tests are done for patient risk assessment.


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