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Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation

The "Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation" is a patient-led non-profit foundation in Switzerland, connecting leukemia patient organizations on all continents to strengthen their advocacy work. Its mission is to improve the lives and survival of patients affected by leukemia as well as their relatives by supporting leaders in providing help and support. It is a platform for discussions and best practice sharing to leukemia patient groups worldwide. The foundation collaborates with all stakeholders involved in research, treatment and care of leukemia patients. It hosts the global "CML Advocates Network" connecting more than 80 leukemia patient organizations in more than 60 countries, and hosts the "CML Horizons" conference as the annual global leadership meeting that welcomes patient leaders from all world regions.

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A Chemo-Free Future for Managing CLL?

Dr. Michael Hallek shares news about monoclonal antibody therapies and which patients are benefiting most. He touches on how this may allow doctors to manage CLL without chemotherapy.


How To Plan Your Long-Term CLL Treatment Journey

Most CLL patients don't expect a complete cure when they choose their treatment plan. So how do you plan for the long term? Dr. Peter Hillmen shares some important considerations.


An Expert's Perspective: What's Significant in CLL Now?

Dr. Peter Hillmen shares some highlights of the study data that was presented at the 2013 European Hematology Association meeting. He also offers his view on new therapies and which patients may benefit most.


Oral Therapies for CLL on the Market Soon

The biggest news in CLL treatment research focuses on new oral therapies. Dr. Susan O'Brien explains how these drugs work and when they might become widely available.


What We Need to Know Next About Novel CLL Treatments

With so many effective treatments now available, both novel and traditional, how do they all come together? Dr. Peter Hillmen shares his views on how these new treatments are changing the way we'll look at and treat CLL.


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