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CLL Patient Advocacy Group

CLL Patient Advocacy Group (CLLPAG) is a national advocacy group founded in 2002 at an education meeting organized by Ontario CLL patients. CLLPAG is dedicated to providing education and improving access to treatments that will extend the lives of Canadians affected by Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) and Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma (SLL).

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Reflections on CLL Live 2015

Join CLL Live 2015 conference co-chairs, Peter Dorfman and Deborah Baker, as they share their reflections on the meeting.


What Is the CLL Microenvironment?

Dr. Michael Hallek explains the “CLL microenvironment” and discusses advances in approaches to treatment.


Janet O’Brien: My Advice for CLL Patients with Richter’s Transformation

Janet O'Brien joins Patient Power to tell her story and the proactive steps she took to get an accurate diagnosis.


Facing Retreatment: Advice From a CLL Patient and His Care Partner

Mark Silverstein and his wife, Nelia Pacheco, share their advice for coping with the emotional aspects of a relapse.


How Is Immuno-Oncology Evolving?

The area of immuno-oncology continues to inspire excitement from cancer researchers. Dr. Michael Keating shares his thoughts.


Understanding Your CLL Blood Tests: Immunoglobulin, Complete Blood Counts, Platelets and More

Dr. Susan Leclair explains the meaning behind key tests about which CLL patients are curious.


Considering the Benefits of Randomized Clinical Trials

Dr. Cynthia Toze explains how randomized trials fit into the research process and the questions patients--in concert with their doctors--must consider in order to make the right decisions for them.


CLL Science: Inhibiting the ZAP-70 Kinase

Dr. Spencer Gibson explains possible targeted therapies that may arise from exciting research being done today.


Bendamustine: A Less Toxic Therapy for CLL?

Dr. Mathias Rummel explains combination Bendamustine + Rituximab (BR) as a possible alternative to FCR chemotherapy treatment.


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