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CLL Global Research Foundation

CLL Global Research Foundation began as a concept from patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The idea was to provide a spotlight on CLL and to accelerate CLL research. Therefore, CLL Global is committed to accelerating progress towards the control of CLL and ultimately finding a cure for the disease as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we promote a novel structure for research. We preferentially fund projects that translate into rapid clinical applications. We pride ourselves in complementing, rather than replacing, other funding mechanisms by accelerating new ideas, which allows researchers the opportunity for increased funding from other resources. 

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Houston , TX


An Expert Explains CLL FISH and Flow Tests

How do doctors get a clear picture of a CLL patient’s diagnosis and disease traits? CLL expert Dr. Jennifer Brown explains what tests are used to make informed treatment decisions.


How CLL Differs From Solid Tumor Cancers: An Expert Weighs the Risks and Benefits of Starting Treatment in Early Stages

Can starting CLL treatment sooner actually do more harm than good? Watch as CLL expert Dr. Philip Thompson explains why managing and treating CLL differs from other cancers.


Recovering From the Shock of a Cancer Diagnosis: Understanding Acute vs. Chronic Conditions

What’s the difference between chronic and acute cancers? Watch now to hear CLL experts Dr. Philip Thompson and Dr. Jackie Broadway-Duren discuss the disease and course of care.


Understanding the Ins and Outs of Watch and Wait

Many CLL patients wonder why, after being diagnosed with cancer, they aren’t being treated immediately. How can patients be proactive during watch and wait? How long does the watch and wait period last? Watch the full-length replay now to learn more from an expert panel.


Replay | Genetics 101: Everything You Need to Know About Genetic Testing and CLL

What is the relationship between genes, prognosis and treatment decisions? During this Genetics 101 replay, esteemed CLL experts Dr. William Wierda and Dr. Jennifer Brown break down the patient subsets of CLL by mutational status, explain how genetic test results help distinguish high- and low-risk disease, and discuss what tests are used to identify specific mutations seen in CLL.


How Does CLL Affect Sinuses and the Skin?

CLL experts Dr. Nicole Lamanna and Dr. Alessandra Ferrajoli discuss common infections, how patients are affected by allergies and give recommendations for optimal skin protection.


Evaluating If a Doctor Is Right for You

How can people find a CLL specialist? What should patients look for in a doctor? Tune in to hear Dr. Michael Keating and Dr. Alessandra Ferrajoli discuss ways to determine if a physician is right for you.


Can There Be Too Many CLL Treatment Options?

Do more options create more problems? A panel of CLL experts discuss how new avenues in research affect the CLL treatment landscape and the challenge of choosing the most appropriate therapy for each individual patient.


The Role of Venetoclax in Treating CLL

A Patient Power community member writes in, where does venetoclax fit in with all the other CLL therapies? Watch now to hear CLL expert Dr. Michael Keating explain.


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