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CLL Global Research Foundation

CLL Global Research Foundation began as a concept from patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The idea was to provide a spotlight on CLL and to accelerate CLL research. Therefore, CLL Global is committed to accelerating progress towards the control of CLL and ultimately finding a cure for the disease as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we promote a novel structure for research. We preferentially fund projects that translate into rapid clinical applications. We pride ourselves in complementing, rather than replacing, other funding mechanisms by accelerating new ideas, which allows researchers the opportunity for increased funding from other resources. 

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Fighting Fatigue and Anxiety: Mental and Physical Strength Building Tools

Watch now to hear a panel of experts discuss strategies and resources to help patients manage physical, emotional and mental aspects of living with CLL.


Life With CLL: Overcoming Initial Diagnosis Panic

A cancer diagnosis is often overwhelming and unexpected. How can people move beyond the initial shock? Watch now to hear expert Purva Lad and CLL patient Wesley Bishop share strategies for the first phase of coping.


Wesley Bishop: You Must Have Hope

CLL patient advocate Wesley Bishop shares his experience being diagnosed with an aggressive form of CLL, why he remains positive and advice for other patients fighting the disease.


What Information Comes From a Bone Marrow Biopsy?

What does a bone marrow biopsy reveal about your CLL? CLL expert Dr. Nicole Lamanna explains the critical role it plays on a patient’s treatment journey.


CLL Clinical Trial Candidacy: Finding a Suitable Trial

How can CLL patients looking to participate in a clinical trial find one that suits their needs? Dedicated researcher Dr. Nicole Lamanna explains how to find a match to studies and the factors that determine whether or not a trial is appropriate.


How Can CLL Patients Benefit From Participating in a Clinical Trial?

Can engaging in clinical research improve individual health outcomes? A panel of experts demonstrate the potential benefits for CLL patients participating in a clinical trial.


A Heterogeneous Condition: How CLL Can Vary From Patient to Patient

Watch and wait is recommended for some CLL patients while others start treatment immediately after diagnosis, and some achieve a long remission but require retreatment down the line. Why is the course of treatment different? Watch now to hear a panel of experts explain the spectrum of the disease.


CLL Treatment Goals

Following a treatment plan is like the road map on a patient’s unique journey with CLL. What factors do doctors consider when making treatment goals? Watch now to hear CLL experts Dr. Michael Keating and Dr. Nicole Lamanna discuss the types and objectives of CLL therapy.


Will CAR T-Cell Therapy Replace Transplants for CLL?

CLL experts Dr. Nicole Lamanna and Dr. Alessandra Ferrajoli discuss the pros and cons of stem cell transplants and CAR T-cell therapy. Watch now to find out more.


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