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CLL Global Research Foundation

CLL Global Research Foundation began as a concept from patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The idea was to provide a spotlight on CLL and to accelerate CLL research. Therefore, CLL Global is committed to accelerating progress towards the control of CLL and ultimately finding a cure for the disease as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we promote a novel structure for research. We preferentially fund projects that translate into rapid clinical applications. We pride ourselves in complementing, rather than replacing, other funding mechanisms by accelerating new ideas, which allows researchers the opportunity for increased funding from other resources. 

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Houston , TX


Clinical Trial Phases Explained

What happens in different phases of clinical trials? Tune in to hear Jeanne Schaffer explain the purpose of Phase I, II and III of the clinical trial process.


Factors to Consider When Setting CLL Treatment Goals

How do doctors approach setting CLL treatment goals? Watch as expert Dr. Jeffrey Menashe discusses indications for therapy and care option conversations with your healthcare team.


How Can CLL Patients Talk to Their Doctors About Clinical Trials?

CLL patients want to know what their choices are for treatment, including clinical trial opportunities. Watch now to hear an expert panel discuss navigating clinical trials.


Why Watch and Wait? Understanding CLL Disease Development

What happens during CLL watch and wait? Watch as experts discuss disease history, the evidence behind this treatment strategy, and what is monitored.


How Long Can CLL Patients Expect to Have Treatment?

How long will CLL therapy last? Does treatment duration vary with novel agents? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Michael Choi discuss treatment duration and patient response with different CLL regimens.


What CLL Diagnostic Info Is Valuable Before Making Treatment Decisions?

What tests are recommended before treating CLL? How important is a bone marrow biopsy? Watch as Dr. Jeff Sharman and Dr. Jeffrey Menashe discuss the tests and tools used to diagnose and classify CLL subtypes.


Information Gathering As a Care Partner

Care partner and avid researcher Alice Sperling, whose husband was diagnosed with CLL, discusses how she finds reliable sources, stays up-to-date and what she chooses to share with her spouse.


Are Biosimilar CLL Drugs Safe?

Can biosimilar CLL drugs safe, effective and more affordable? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Jeff Sharman discuss the development of biosimilar drugs and their expected release.


CLL Care: Does FCR Still Have a Role?

Is chemotherapy still recommended for CLL? Watch now to hear Dr. Jeff Sharman and Dr. Jeffrey Menashe discuss the safety and efficacy of chemo vs. novel agents.


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