Can Hydration Influence Hemoglobin Test Evaluation?

Dr. Susan Leclair discusses hydration and its potential to influence hemoglobin levels during a test evaluation. Leclair examines the timing of ones ingestion of liquids, food, as well as body movement and deduces that it does effect hemoglobin levels. She explains the unit of measure is per volume, therefore if the volume changes, the results change as well. Patients evaluated early in the morning usually haven’t engaged in much movement, nor have they drank liquids or eaten breakfast. Dehydration causes their tests to have a higher hemoglobin value. Patients who are evaluated in the afternoon are more mobile and hydrated; therefore, resulting in a lower hemoglobin value. In order to avoid hemoglobin fluctuations during an evaluation, Dr. Leclair suggests patients test at the same time of day each time they are tested.

This article was originally published August 3, 2015 and most recently updated September 10, 2020.
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