Understanding Myeloproliferative Disorders

How Are Lab Test Reference Ranges Determined?

What do lab test reference ranges mean, and how are they established? Drs. Susan Leclair and William Wierda explain.


Living Well: Establishing a Plan for MPN Treatment and Follow-Up

Tune in to this Patient Power discussion on how patients can go about establishing a plan for MPN treatment and follow-up. Host Andrew Schorr is joined by Dr. Laura Michaelis, Erin Blackwell, RN, and patient advocate Beth Kart Probert.


Are There Specific Blood Tests Used in Clinical Trials?

Are there specific blood tests used in clinical trials? And what terms might be heard frequently throughout a clinical trial? Patient Power Host Dr. Susan Leclair explains how clinical trials work with overall health, blood testing and genetic testing.


Can Blood Test Costs Be Negotiated by Laboratories?

Patient Power Host Dr. Susan Leclair answers the question: Do any of the professional organizations have an impact on the cost of blood test procedures?


Clinical Trials MythBusters: Are Clinical Trials a Last Resort Treatment Option?

Are clinical trials only for patients who run out of treatment options? An expert panel helps to debunk myths around clinical trial participation.


Why Are My Neutrophils and Platelets Monitored So Closely?

Why are your neutrophils and platelets are monitored so closely? Learn more from Dr. William Wierda and Dr. Susan Leclair.


Managing Life With an MPN: Strategies for Getting the Best Care

In this “Living Well With MPNs” webinar, our expert panel, featuring Dr. Laura Michaelis, nurse Erin Blackwell and patient advocate Beth Probert, discussed managing life with an MPN.


What Is a CBC Test and Why Did Your Doctor Order It?

Learn more about CBCs, including what your doctor is looking for and how the information is gathered in the lab. With Drs. William Wierda and Susan Leclair.


What Does Molecular Remission Mean for MPN Patients?

What is molecular remission in MPNs, and how is it achieved? Dr. Prithviraj Bose from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center responds.


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