How to Add an MPN Expert to Your Medical Team

Patient Power Co-Founder Esther Schorr is joined by MPN patient advocate Julia Olff, and MPN expert Dr. Gail J. Roboz, for an in-depth conversation about how telemedicine, patient health portals and Internet resources are making it easier than ever to add a super-specialized MPN expert to your medical team. It is no longer necessary to choose between the community oncologist you love and the far away MPN expert in another city. You can have both.

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Key Takeaways

  • With an MPN diagnosis, it’s important to develop a long-term relationship with a medical team you trust.
  • The COVID era has ushered in many treatment advances, some of which may become permanent, benefiting MPN patients.
  • A care partner can often be a great advocate for seeking out additional expert advice if the patient is uncomfortable taking that role.
This article was originally published June 1, 2020 and most recently updated June 2, 2020.
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