Living Well with Myeloproliferative Disorders

Tips for Fostering Communication Among Your Healthcare Team

In this Patient Power program, Andrew Schorr talks with Dr. Laura C. Michaelis and registered nurse Erin H. Blackwell about the importance of furthering communication between doctors and within a patient's healthcare team.


Living Well: Establishing a Plan for MPN Treatment and Follow-Up

Tune in to this Patient Power discussion on how patients can go about establishing a plan for MPN treatment and follow-up. Host Andrew Schorr is joined by Dr. Laura Michaelis, Erin Blackwell, RN, and patient advocate Beth Kart Probert.


Clinical Trials MythBusters: Are Clinical Trials a Last Resort Treatment Option?

Are clinical trials only for patients who run out of treatment options? An expert panel helps to debunk myths around clinical trial participation.


MPN Patient Café: Managing Your MPN Worries

In this MPN Patient Café segment, panelists discuss how they manage their worries and daily lives while living with their MPN.


MPN Patient Café: Hope for the Future

In this MPN Patient Café segment, host Andrew Schorr talks with patients about uncertainties associated with their disease and hope about what's coming next in MPN research.


How and Why to Fight the Insurance Companies to Get Access to the Medicines You Need

Host Andrew Schorr and healthcare attorney Stacey Worthy from Washington, D.C. discuss the lack of transparency within health insurance companies and the tools that patients can use to fight back in order to have access to the medications they need.


Former White House Cancer Moonshot Leader: Challenges and Hope for Cancer

In this exclusive Patient Power interview, host Andrew Schorr connects with Greg Simon, Executive Director of the Cancer Initiative for the Biden Foundation and a CLL survivor, to discuss medical progress in the U.S., the establishment of the Biden Cancer Initiative, and more.


MPN Patient Café: Strategies for Coping Day-to-Day

In this MPN Patient Café segment, host Andrew Schorr asks others with MPNs what kinds of things they do in order to maintain optimal health, feel good and stay in control of their lives.


Managing Life With an MPN: Strategies for Getting the Best Care

In this “Living Well With MPNs” webinar, our expert panel, featuring Dr. Laura Michaelis, nurse Erin Blackwell and patient advocate Beth Probert, discussed managing life with an MPN.


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