Understanding Myeloma

What’s the Difference Between Myeloma Response and Remission?

Myeloma experts Dr. Gareth Morgan, Dr. Faith Davies, Dr. Frits van Rhee and Dr. Guido Tricot discuss response and remission, and the necessary treatment to gain long-term control over your myeloma disease.


ASH 2017 Daily Wrap: Day Three

In day three of Patient Power’s daily wrap up from the 2017 ASH meeting in Atlanta, Andrew and Esther Schorr are joined by a panel of experts.


Is a Genetic Panel Recommended for Children of Patients with Myeloma?

A panel of multiple myeloma experts at a town hall meeting answer the question, “Is myeloma hereditary?” They discuss if myeloma is passed along to our children and if children of parents with multiple myeloma should have genetic testing.


Staying Grounded in the Midst of Financial Uncertainty

Andrew Schorr discusses with social worker Robin Katz, the financial uncertainty that comes along with an illness.


Coping With a Myeloma Diagnosis: Regaining Emotional and Psychological Control

How does myeloma impact your emotional and psychological health? Watch now to discover resources and methods for patients to help cope.


Can Daily Exercise Impact Transplant Candidacy for Myeloma Patients?

A 25-year myeloma survivor, Jim Bond, shares his experience with the influence exercise has on transplant candidacy.


A Look at Monoclonal Antibodies: Sniffing Out Myeloma, Boosting Immunity

Dr. Gareth Morgan of The UAMS Myeloma Institute explains what monoclonal antibodies can do for myeloma patients.


Can Genetic Profiles Change During Cancer Treatment?

Dr. Brian Walker and Dr. Frits van Rhee discuss the possibility of genetic mutations occurring and how it can affect treatment. Watch now to find out more.


Can Genetic Profiling Identify Higher Risk Myeloma?

What can a genetic profile reveal about your myeloma condition? Join us to hear from our expert panel how the information from this diagnostic test can lead to better treatment.


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