Understanding Myeloma

Ask the Expert: Why Doesn’t Transplant Cure Multiple Myeloma?

Dr. Gareth Morgan reveals what health prerequisites multiple myeloma patients must reach before they can become cured and what tools are available to help attain that goal.


Replay: Understanding Advancements in Treating Myeloma

Is the future getting brighter for patients living with multiple myeloma? A panel of myeloma experts and patients discussed advances in treating myeloma.


How Do I Navigate Clinical Trials That Are Right for Me?

The search for the right clinical trial can be overwhelming. Tune in to hear from Tricia Holtz as she shares a valuable resource for patients to help guide the decision-making process and to find a trial that’s right for them.


Clinical Trial MythBusters: How Have Clinical Trials Evolved?

The design of clinical trials had to adapt to better meet the needs of both patients and health experts. Find out from Dr. Heather Wakelee how the field has changed.


Multiple Myeloma-Friendly Dieting: Sifting Through Science vs. Hype

Is there a diet myeloma patients should adhere to? Julie Lanford, a registered dietitian, and Danny Parker, a myeloma survivor and lifestyle columnist, weigh in.


Ask the Expert: Should I Discontinue or Continue Revlimid If I Remain MRD Negative?

Should Revlimid treatment be continued with MRD-negative disease status? Myeloma expert Dr. Gareth Morgan, weighs in on this decision and shares the medical practices for an optimal health outcome.


Exercising With Multiple Myeloma: Staying in Tip-Top Shape

Is exercise especially important for multiple myeloma patients? Melanie House, a physical therapist at the University of Iowa Hospitals, and two active myeloma patients weigh in.


Myeloma Patient Cafe®: How Do I Balance Life and Family After a Myeloma Diagnosis?

Patients living with myeloma often wonder how to keep a balance between doctors’ appointments and raising children. Cynthia and Kathy discuss how to maintain a healthy family life while undergoing treatment.


Clinical Trials MythBusters: Do Patients Have a Voice While Participating in a Clinical Trial?

A panel of experts and patients joined Patient Power in an online webinar as they debunked myths around clinical trial participation.


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