Living Well with Myeloma

Replay: Understanding Advancements in Treating Myeloma

Is the future getting brighter for patients living with multiple myeloma? A panel of myeloma experts and patients discussed advances in treating myeloma.


Multiple Myeloma-Friendly Dieting: Sifting Through Science vs. Hype

Is there a diet myeloma patients should adhere to? Julie Lanford, a registered dietitian, and Danny Parker, a myeloma survivor and lifestyle columnist, weigh in.


My Cancer Is Rare: Is There a Clinical Trial for Me?

Roberta Aberle, an inspiring survivor and patient advocate, shares how she obtained treatment for a rare cancer through clinical trials when standard care wasn’t available.


Exercising With Multiple Myeloma: Staying in Tip-Top Shape

Is exercise especially important for multiple myeloma patients? Melanie House, a physical therapist at the University of Iowa Hospitals, and two active myeloma patients weigh in.


Myeloma Patient Cafe®: Taking Charge of Your Myeloma Care

What’s the importance of a support system? Watch to learn how a good support system can help patients get the best form of treatment and feel more confident in the care they’re getting.


Gilles Frydman, Founder of How Self-Advocacy Saves Lives

Are first opinions always accurate? Join us to learn from Gilles Frydman, Founder of ACOR, how patients play an essential role in their own health care and what you can do to determine that your medical services match your needs.


Myeloma Patient Café®: Do Myeloma Patients Worry About Life Expectancy?

How does prognosis affect a patient’s mental health and well-being? Watch as myeloma patients discuss the anxiety and worry that comes with a looming life expectancy.


Myeloma Patient Cafe®: What Does Normal Mean When Living With Myeloma?

Cancer survivors living with multiple myeloma discuss the impact of diagnosis on day-to-day life and how to find balance and normalcy in the midst of doctors’ appointments.


Myeloma Patient Cafe®: How Do I Balance Life and Family After a Myeloma Diagnosis?

Patients living with myeloma often wonder how to keep a balance between doctors’ appointments and raising children. Cynthia and Kathy discuss how to maintain a healthy family life while undergoing treatment.


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