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Now more and more doctors are saying we can cure this disease, and some are feeling that we have already cured a small portion of people.

~Cynthia Chmielewski, Patient Advocate

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ASH 2016 Roundtable: Is Precision Immunotherapy the Future for Myeloma Patients?

Get all the myeloma updates from ASH 2016 with Dr. Robert Orlowski and a panel of experts and advocates.


Should All Myeloma Patients Be on Bisphosphonates?

At a recent myeloma town meeting, Dr. Gareth Morgan from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences explains the role of bisphosphonate drugs in the treatment of myeloma.


Patient Advocate Perspective: Sharing the News of Your Cancer

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is tough, but sharing the news with family and friends can be even more difficult. Patient advocates Paul and Lynette share their own experiences and advice.


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