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The goal of our new Partners series on Patient Power is to create conversation around a variety of complex topics that MPN patients face. Partners will give MPN patients an opportunity to deliberate a variety of complex topics amongst one another while including an MPN specialist to provide an expert perspective.

Getting Support With an MPN Diagnosis

How can MPN patients and families manage during the major life changes caused by cancer diagnosis? Tune in to learn coping strategies for living with an MPN.


Managing MPN Symptoms: What Do Experts Recommend for Itching?

How can MPN patients find relief for intolerable itching? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Robyn Scherber and patient advocate Sue Waite discuss medications used to manage the symptom pruritus


Managing MPN Symptoms: What Can Be Done About Night Sweats?

MPN patient Andi Malitz describes her battle with relentless night sweats while expert Dr. Robyn Scherber discusses potential causes and symptom management strategies. Watch now to find out more.


When Should Patients Report Symptoms to an MPN Specialist?

What steps should MPN patients take if they recognize a change in their condition or worsening symptoms? Tune in to hear Dr. Robyn Scherber give advice on reporting, tracking and treating symptoms.


MPN Symptom vs. Side Effect: What’s the Difference?

How can MPN patients distinguish between symptoms and side effects? Watch as Dr. Robyn M. Scherber explains how they differ and testing used to decipher between disease or treatment effects.


Understanding MPN Symptom Scoring Systems

How do doctors measure and track an MPN patient’s symptom burden? Watch as Dr. Robyn M. Scherber discusses the recommended tools for MPN symptom assessment.


Decoding MPN Symptoms and Treatment Side Effects

How can MPN patients differentiate between disease symptoms and treatment side effects? Watch as Dr. Robyn Scherber and patient advocates discuss symptoms and managing them.


Key Tips on How to Approach MPN Treatment Decisions

How can patients feel confident about their MPN care? Watch as MPN expert Dr. Srdan Verstovsek and patient advocates share advice for approaching treatment decisions.


Can Past Medical Records Help in Learning About Potential MPN Progression?

Can past medical records provide any valuable information for MPN patient appointments? Watch now to find out from MPN expert Dr. Srdan Verstovsek.


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The Partners series is sponsored by Incyte Corporation. This organization has no editorial control. It is produced solely by Patient Power.

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Page last updated on September 13, 2019