I would like to thank Patient Power for always encouraging me to join their community. They are a wonderful group of doctors and patients who are ready to help others! They have some really great videos and lectures that will help you "understand".

~Susan, Facebook fan

Featured Programs

Tips From the Laboratory Scientist: Help Me, Help You

Patient Power contributor, Dr. Susan Leclair, a laboratory scientist with over 40 years of experience, cautions patients on asking your doctor the right lab test questions and what questions may be more appropriate for your healthcare provider.


Managing Cancer Fears: A Spouse’s Emotional Journey As a Caregiver

What is the best way to provide support to a loved one fighting an aggressive cancer? George Stapleton talks about his emotional journey as a caregiver and shares tips how to provide the best possible support to a loved one fighting for their life.


What You Should Know About Alternative Medicines and Cancer Care

Dr. David Snyder and nurse practitioner Anna Antonowich-Jonsson from City of Hope discuss how complementary and alternative medicine can affect your overall care.


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