Understanding Lung Cancer

ESMO 2017 Lung Cancer Research Update

What's the biggest news from ESMO 2017? Lung cancer specialist Dr. Frank Griesinger gives an update on the top news in lung cancer research.


Clinical Trials MythBusters: Do Patients Have a Voice While Participating in a Clinical Trial?

A panel of experts and patients joined Patient Power in an online webinar as they debunked myths around clinical trial participation.


“Every Patient Has the Right to Get a Second Opinion”

Are you afraid that seeking a second opinion for your lung cancer will offend your oncologist? Dr. Frank Griesinger offers his advice on second opinions.


Which Genetic Tests Are Important for Metastatic Lung Cancer Treatment?

Which genetic tests are best for for metastatic lung cancer patients? Professor Charles Swanton explains testing for genetic abnormalities.


Questions to Ask Your Oncologist If You Have Lung Cancer

Which questions should you ask your oncologist if you have lung cancer? Professor Charles Swanton provides a list of useful questions.


How Do We Approach Cancer Genetic Evolution Over Time?

How can researchers attack how tumor cells become resistant to chemo over time? Professor Charles Swanton explains which strategies can be used to face this problem.


When Should Patients Consider a Clinical Trial?

Dr. Liza Villaruz, Sheila Hoff and patient, Dr. Michael Weitz discuss whether clinical trials are a gamble and whether the risks outweigh the benefits for patients and their care partners.


Are Clinical Trials Only for Patients at a Certain Stage of Disease?

Dr. Liza Villaruz and Sheila Hoff discuss whether clinical trials are available to patients as a treatment option for different stages of disease and whether the risks outweigh the benefits for patients and their care partners.


What Treatment Options Are Available for Lung Cancer Patients With No Driver Mutations?

Dr. Alex Spira, Dr. Bruce Johnson and lung cancer patient Don Stranathan discuss how lung cancer patients can get tomorrow’s medicine today.


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