Patient Stories

How a Mother Turned Grief Into Advocacy: Realizing Jillian’s Dream

Lung cancer advocacy begins here. Learn how Ros Miller turned the scars of losing a child to cancer into a lifetime of advocacy and mentoring.


Remembering Suzanne: Celebrating the Life of a Cancer Patient

Celebrate the life you have. Richard and Laraine Hyte share the joy and sorrow surrounding their daughter’s diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma.


Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing From a Lung Cancer Patient’s Perspective

Matt Ellefson of SURVIVEiT helps lung cancer patients make decisions on obtaining broader panel testing.


Clinical Trial MythBusters: Are Clinical Trials a Gamble for Me or My Loved One?

Dr. Liza Villaruz, Sheila Hoff and patient, Dr. Michael Weitz discuss whether clinical trials are a gamble and whether the risks outweigh the benefits for patients and their care partners.


Critical Questions to Ask When You Are Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Matt Ellefson, lung cancer survivor and Founder & CEO of the cancer initiative SURVIVEiT, discusses the critical questions that patients should ask when diagnosed with lung cancer.


10-Year Lung Cancer Survivor Shares How Research Developments Saved His Life

Dr. Michael Weitz, a 10-year lung cancer survivor, emergency physician, and lung cancer advocate, discusses his hopefulness in regards to research developments and shares his personal experiences with targeted therapies and personalized medicine.


Former White House Cancer Moonshot Leader: Challenges and Hope for Cancer

In this exclusive Patient Power interview, host Andrew Schorr connects with Greg Simon, Executive Director of the Cancer Initiative for the Biden Foundation and a CLL survivor, to discuss medical progress in the U.S., the establishment of the Biden Cancer Initiative, and more.


10-Year Lung Cancer Survivor: What Every Patient Needs to Know

Tips from a patient living with lung cancer for over a decade.


Survivorship Care: A Doctor Turned Cancer Survivor Shares Advice

From our coverage of the 2017 ASCO Survivorship Symposium in San Diego, former clinician and lymphoma survivor Dr. Wendy Harpham tells her story and shares her knowledge of survivorship.


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