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Featured Videos

Are Clinical Trials Safe? Experts Allay Your Fears

Are clinical trials safe? Leading researchers in the field dispel myths and discuss the risks and benefits of clinical trials.


How Can Clinical Trials Be Made Available to More Patients?

In this “Ask the Expert” segment, Dr. Robert Orlowski from MD Anderson Cancer Center explains how clinical trial enrollment works and resources for accessing trials.


Are Placebos Still Used in Clinical Trials?

When agreeing to do a clinical trial, how do patients know they are getting the best treatment option and not just a placebo? How do they know they are getting the best treatment that is out there? Drs. Jain, Munoz and Ferrajoli explain what to look for.


How a Clinical Trial Could Save Your Life

Dr. David Carbone re-defines what a clinical trial is and how it can save one’s life. He tells us how they are administered in phases, and are seen as the best care out there, due to the close monitoring process. For Pam Griffith, the clinical trial Dr. Scott Antonia put her on saved her life.


Getting Ready for a Clinical Trial

Communication is important and imperative during a clinical trial. Sam Vafadar, a Physician Assistant, describes the importance of keeping in touch when undergoing a clinical trial.


Increasing Confidence in Lung Cancer Clinical Trials: More Than a Guinea Pig

Clinical trials are historically thought of as lacking, because they carry the idea of trying something new. Dr. David Carbone and Dr. Scott Antonia discuss the specialized care of clinical trials and why they encourage their patients to consider them.


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