I was particularly impressed with discussion of clinical trials and immunotherapy. Very helpful information!

~Lung cancer town meeting attendee

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Understanding Hypercalcemia in Squamous Cell Lung Cancer (SCC)

What is hypercalcemia, and how does it affect patients who have Squamous Cell Lung Cancer (SCC)? Dr. Paul Paik defines the term in depth.


Lung Cancer Roundtable of Experts: The Importance of Taking Ownership of Your Cancer Treatment

Dr. David Carbone moderates a roundtable session with several experts in the field: Dr. Fiona Blackhall, Dr. Paul Paik, Dr. Rohit Lal and patient advocate Chris Draft. This roundtable takes a deep and honest look at advancing research and clinical care of lung cancer through multiple lenses.


Randy Broad: Finding Strength After a Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Randy Broad, lung cancer survivor and advocate, tells us about his battle with lung cancer. He explains the feelings he had during his initial diagnosis, focusing on the concerns he had for his children.


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