Staying Active During COVID-19 with Team Body Project

Team Body Project Offers Accessible Exercise Classes from Home

A cancer diagnosis and the treatment that follows is disruptive and can have a patient wondering how to maintain healthy exercise routines or move very much at all. Team Body Project presents a solution by offering classes and videos that allow everyone to start where they are and move their body in a meaningful way.

Patient Power Co-Founder Esther Schorr introduces Daniel Bartlett, Co-Founder of Team Body Project, Esther's favorite exercise and movement program for staying active during COVID-19 (and beyond!). Daniel shares his inspirational message and encourages all of us to start where we are and just get moving. He also explains the ways their programs address the limitations that can come along with exercise and cancer.

Team Body Project offers its "Senior Strong" program for free, which has modifications for all fitness levels.

This article was originally published November 16, 2020 and most recently updated November 17, 2020.
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