Should You Dump Your Primary Care Doctor

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Primary care physicians oversee basic diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of common illnesses and medical conditions. But what if you’ve lost confidence in your doctor's ability to address health concerns comprehensively? Should you dump your primary care physician? With fewer medical students opting for a career in family medicine, there is an obvious shortage of primary care doctors which has become a real concern for many patients. What impact might this have on healthcare reform? These questions and more are answered on this episode of Patient Power Health Issues.

Expert Dr. Rowena Sobczyk joins Andrew and Peter for an in-depth discussion on how to communicate effectively with your provider, ask the right questions and know when to seek a second opinion. In Dr. Sobczyk’s own words, “Too many times people go to the doctor and they're nervous, and so they talk about things that are not really important, that are of lesser concern than their main health problem…You really need to make sure the first thing out of your mouth is the part of your body that's bothering you, what your concern is, and so then your doctor will address it first.”

Respected expert Dr. Rowena Sobczyk helps Peter and Andrew get to the bottom of understanding some the unknowns about a patient’s rights, as it relates to the role of the primary care physician. Learn about the steps you can take to ensure you are empowered with information to make the best healthcare decisions.

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And Rowena joins us from Atlanta.  Rowena, thank you so much for being with us.  So I have a question for you.  How do you know whether you’re getting the most out of your relationship with your doctor?  I mean, hopefully good health, but there are rules and responsibilities on both sides.  How do you have that be the most successful relationship?

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